Coffee Knowledge

What is acidity? 
Where coffee is concerned, acidity is actually a pleasing, highly desirable characteristic of coffees complex flavor. Acidity is present in all varieties of coffee, in the form of formic, malic, and acetic acids among others. These same acids are found in vinegar, fruit, and wine. Proper roasting lends itself to wonderfully balanced acidity, giving coffee its pleasing “snap” and sharp, bright liveliness!

If you are sensitive to coffee acidity, we recommend a coffee that is naturally lower in acidity such as the Indonesian coffees: Sumatra, Papua New Guinea, Timor, or Celebes Kalossi. Dark roasted coffees are also a good choice. The darker the roast, the lower the acidity.

What is body?
A tasting term used to describe the luscious, syrupy mouth feel that a high quality coffee imparts. It is the sensational texture, fullness, and smooth consistency created on the tongue.

What is flavor?
Simply put, flavor is an overall evaluation of a coffee’s taste. Terminology varies and is somewhat open to interpretation but may include such terms as mild, bold, tangy, pungent, and earthy.

Certified and Single Origin Coffee
Certified or Single Origin coffee refers to 100% percent of the beans are all grown in one origin. Single Origin beans are not a blends of any other beans. They are 100% percent from the place they were grown in, thus they are Certified to be from their origin. Our Single Origin coffee line are from several of the most popular coffee growing countries in the world like; South America, Brazil, Central America, Mexico, Caribbean, Africa, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and Hawaii.

Always buy whole coffee beans, not ground
Much of the flavor of a great cup of coffee comes from the oils in the bean. You have probably noticed that dark roasted coffee beans have an oily surface. This oil is volatile, and the moment it is exposed to oxygen, it starts to degrade. Coffee taste peaks about four to five days after it is roasted and degrades continuously over time. That is why it is always best to buy Fresh Roasted Coffee…there is a big difference. Classic Coffee Bean ships within 24 hours from when orders are placed. For that reason it is better to buy smaller quantities of coffee more frequently rather than large quantities. Classic Coffee Bean only sells whole bean coffee lined bags do the oils do not become wicked from the beans. Be careful of beans sold in stores with coffee bean self-service bins or in paper bags. They are definitely the freshest beans which means the finer flavors of those coffees have been quietly evaporating while they sit there.

Arabica vs Robusta coffee beans 
All coffee beans are not equal. Classic Coffee Bean only uses the best 100% Arabica beans. Even though the Italians like to use Robusta beans in their coffees, the American Gourmet Coffee industry rejects the use of Robusta beans, as does Classic Coffee Bean. Besides being far less expensive than Arabica coffee, Robusta beans have a bitter taste that most sophisticated coffee aficionados try to avoid. Robusta beans also have about twice the caffeine as Arabica beans.