World Tour Club Coffee of the Month

World Tour Club Coffee of the Month

The Coffee of the Month is a new selection each month by our Roasts Master. This membership gives you the opportunity to try different types of coffee from around the world that you may not have considered before. If for some reason you do not care for a particular style of coffee or Tea, you can always submit a ticket to our Club Support here. We will not send that type to you again. Again, you can choose all of your own variables to your liking. (See How It Works listed below.)

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Benefits of our Club Memberships?

Selection | Savings | Flexibility

General Club Rules

All memberships are set to auto ship each month by default. Club members automatically save 5% on their monthly shipments just for being a club member. We currently offer three different memberships. Your recurring payment is billed each month to the debit or credit card of your choice 10 days prior to shipment of your club order.

What is auto ship?

Auto ship is where a set product is shipped to the member on the schedule of your choosing. For this auto ship, the member is also billed on a recurring billing cycle for the products and shipping (if any). All memberships may be canceled or paused at any time. (See Cancel or Pause Memberships listed above for details)

Cancel or Pause Membership

Although you may cancel or pause your club membership at any time. However, any of these requests must be done in your Account at least ten (10) days prior to your next billing cycle date. So, twenty (20) days before your scheduled shipment is to arrive. (See below)

How to Cancel or Pause my membership?

Click on “Account > My Account” (listed in the right hand top corner of the home page) and select My Account. Then, select Subscriptions. There you will find the subscription management settings.  Go to My Account

How it Works?

You may select the Type of Coffee, Grind, Intervals of Shipment, and the Quantity Size of your club.
(example: Club: Coffee of the Month, Size: 2 lbs and grind style)

Coffee Product Variations
– Grind Styles: Whole bean, Course, Drip, French Press, Espresso
– Intervals: Every 30 0r 60 days.
– Size: 12 oz, 2 lbs, 5 lbs

Last revised: 6/11/2018


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